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Why do we need Central Bank Digital Currencies (CDBCs) when we already have online banking and digital payments?
Have you ever wondered why are all the countries talking about digital currencies backed by their central banks? China is already piloting e-CNY. US, UK, India, and Australia have working papers to explore digital currencies. But why do we need central bank digital currencies when you purchase most goods via credit cards or debit cards. If you are in the US, you can recently use Zelle or Venmo, and in other countries, digital wallet payments are prevalent. Most of our transactions are already digital, so why do we need CDBCs when we have online banking and electronic money transfer?
Why nobody is happy with your roadmap
Feature prioritization and updating roadmaps are two common bugbears for product managers – experienced and new alike! I talk to a lot of product managers and they always exclaim that the sales team does not understand the roadmap or that engineering is complaining that they don’t know what to build. Let's dig into why nobody is happy with your roadmap and how to make it better.